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We specialize in feasibility studies, capital campaigns, annual fund development and training of annual fund personnel, high dollar events for primarily Christian day schools but also churches and Christian camps.

Corfield consulting today is in its 26th year of providing its quality services to Christian clients at an affordable cost; so important since the downturn.

John Corfield - President and Founder

John Corfield, a former public school teacher, fell in love with the Christian school movement in 1975. After having given his life to Christ in May of that year, he enrolled his young children in a Christian elementary school the following fall. That was the catalyst to his passion for Christian education. Within four years, John left the public school for a brief seminary stint followed by a seven-year career representing a popular traditional Christian school curriculum. During that time, John noticed that some good Christian schools were being put out of business by cancelled lease agreements from either host churches or by public school districts. When a school of over 1,000 students was closed and reopened the next year for the district, many of the former students returned to public school at that same building, John felt that something needed to be done to help schools build or buy facilities from which they could not be evicted. John began working as a capital campaign consultant in 1987 for a securities firm, but within a few years, began his own Christian school consulting business. John designed a very effective feasibility study and capital campaign process for Christian schools and was blessed by so many successful campaigns. However, due to the poor health of a family member, John had to step back from the business. John then entered the Christian college and non-profit development field for 10 years, gaining valuable inside experience as a Director of Development and VP for Advancement. John started CCS knowing that his inside and outside development knowledge and experience would be valuable to Christian school development personnel, headmasters and school boards.

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Sherri Corfield - Consultant

Sherri Corfield spent several years doing research for Hallmark in the Orange County, California region, one of five test regions for the greeting card giant. In the year 2000, Sherri participated in Corfield Consulting's feasibility studies. John Corfield felt that Sherri would be perfect for interviewing school constituents and gathering the information for their final feasibility reports. He was right. Sherri received many glowing comments from the families that she interviewed and the information she gleaned from those interviews provided vital information that helped the schools make sometimes difficult adjustments before launching their successful capital campaigns. Today, Sherri is not only a great interviewer, but is also the coordinator of Corfield Consulting Services, handling many of the details to once more assist Christian schools through feasibility studies, capital campaigns, and overall development. Sherri's many creative ideas have also improved the workshop presentations of Corfield Consulting Services, which were unveiled in the fall of 2005 at three ACSI conventions - Pittsburgh, Washington DC and the Lancaster Administrators' Convention. CCS has since added the KCEA conventions in Lancaster, PA, an ACSI convention in Dayton, OH and the ODACS convention near Virginia Beach, VA.

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